looking for pre-packaged food, seafood, meat, dairy food, fruit suppliers.


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General Product Information:

we focuse on food products import and export.

we created an B2B2C cross border ecoomerce website, which is focuse on providing products sourcing for the chinese ecommerce industry.


our B2B2C platform is the certificated cross border ecommerce products sourcing website in china , which has bellow  functionalities:


1. process B2B and B2C  cross border ecommerce  retail orders from oversea warehouse and bonded  warehouse in  retail order means the  other online retail websites can be our agent , they publish our products and  push their retail orders to our site, we arrange the transportation to their customer.


  import trade orders  online  with a reasonable MOQ and competitive prducts price and transportation cost.


3 the B2B2C website integrated with  an EPR which has a hug functionalities and including pushing orders to different dedicated warehouse and custom clearance ports in china, and warehouse management, transportation status tracking and synchornization, order and its status synchronization  bettwen  B2B2C and ERP, suppliers , products and customers management.


for B2B cross border ecommerce retail order:

there are two kinds of orders: one is oversea delivery which has the warehouse outside of china , another one is delivery package from the bonded warehouse which is located in ;


both types of orders need to register the products in the custom department of china before publish the products online. and the products for cross border ecommerce has the different regulation  from  the products of ordinary trade, some products only need  to be registered on the custom department  no chinese permit requirement.


the seafood , meat product, and fruit , those products need to be delivery from the bonded warehouse which is located in china, and all the mostly rest food product types can be delivery from oversea  have a cold storage in bonded warehouse in ShangHai  for the frozen products.


we also work with some leading food import companies in china for negotiating the popular products and brands distributing in Chinese  yearly sales amount  can be guarantee  with those companies. and all of those companies are one of the 500 fortunes of the world.


now we are looking for:

oversea delivery food suppliers, which is especially better located in  Holland and Germany.


the food types including:

easy for air freight transportation . 


the suppliers should be have bellow abilities :

1. good expertise of inventory mangement

2. able to arrange retail express package for the international air freight 

3. experienced product quality controlling histroy.


if you are a trader, broker, you can arrange the products delivery to china,  or if you have a competitive  product supply chaim, kindly plesae send email to


if you are a food wholesaler with a large range of product types, and able to arrange the oversea  retail delivery to china , and willing to expand your business in chinese market, kindly please send me email  at we would like to find one  supplier in one  country for a long term win win collaboration .


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