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We are from jalaram foods leading manufacturer and exporter from India of fresh and dehydrated product of onion (red and white) supply internationally and domestic market. We supply dehydrated onion in the form of kibbled, chopped, minced, granules and powder.We are at place Mahuva which is known for the cultivation of the best quality raw white onions in the world. We are producing the products that meet the international standard. We always provide our customer highly quality of products; competitive price and best service .Our well designed management system that dedicated to their service and support. Application of Dehydrated Onion Products» Onion Kibbledwidely used in varied food preparations wherever along with onion flavor & taste, onion's appearance & texture is desired and can be easily used in salads & other preparations / servings after re-dehydration.» Onion Chopped Used in dry soups, mixes, specialty ethnic food preparations, canned/dried/frozen vegetable mixes, dry casserole mixes, stuffing mixes, food service & fast food and particularly when large onion pieces are desired.» Onion Minced Mainly used in preparation of soups, sauces, canned/dried/frozen foods, salad dressings, meat products and other food products whenever onion flavor or taste is required. » Onion Granules Particularly applied in Vegetables & Meat preparations, gravies, sauces, seasoning salad dressings, cheese, crackers etc.» Onion PowderFree flowering powder is used in soups, sauces, seasoning, meat products and suitable for varied food preparations, particularly when strong onion flavor and taste is desired. Please be convinced that your orders have our best attention and that they will be executed to your satisfaction.


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Developer, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader

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1. Food: Food Ingredients, Fruits, Vegetables, Spices


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