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1, rapeseed oil absorption rate can be high amounts to 99%2,containing cholesterol rarely or never3,important for people Rapeseed oil is what we commonly known as vegetable oil, also called caraway oil, is to plants of the family Cruciferae Brassica ( i.e. rape ) seed pressing the transparent or translucent liquid. the color is golden yellow or brown,it Is one of our country main edible oil, production bases is Changjiang and the southwest, northwest and other places, crop occupies are world first . Nutrition analysis of rapeseed oil:1 body on rapeseed oil absorption rate is very high, up to 99%. Therefore it contains linoleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids and nutrients such as vitamin E can easily be absorbed by the body, has a softening blood vessels, delaying senility;2 because of oil is the raw material plant seed, usually contain some seeds of phospholipids, on vascular, nerve, brain development is very important;3 rapeseed oil cholesterol little or almost free, so control of cholesterol intake of food can be assured;


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1. Food: Fruits, Vegetables, Grains


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