Functional Food Expo Myanmar 2018


Exhibition TitleFUNCTIONAL FOOD EXPO MYANMAR 2018Time  28 – 30 March 2018Venue  Tatmadaw , Yangon, Myanmar

A Glance at Functional Food Industry Future Trend in Asia


Considering the strong fundamentals of the Asia functional food market, it’s expected that the growth will remain steady in the future as well. The prominent future trend for functional food market in Asia will be an increased emphasis on the nutritional claims made by manufacturers on the labels. In the future, consumers are more likely to buy something au naturale and more healthy instead of something artificially Demand for functional foods has traditionally been higher from the geriatric segment, and this trend is expected to gain further momentum in the future. Besides these, the other future trends include chemical consciousness, lifestyle enhancement and health convenience.

Building:Tatmadaw Exhibition Hall
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